Scarf Tutorials and a business ran by KIDS!

There’s a brand new business out there dedicated to scarves and it’s ran by two adorable girls (Makayla and Bridges) who decided they would rather start a business rather than do boring chores. 

How cool is this?!

2 Kid Entrepreneurs - iScarf2

Not only do they sell darling, trendy scarves, but they show you video tutorial on how to wear them and use them different ways!

How to Make a Scarf Shawl by iScarf2
How to Make a Hoodie Scarf by iScarf2

How to Turn a Scarf into a Handbag by iScarf2


Scarf discount at U Create
…just pay shipping & handling! Comes out to $2.99 a scarf and $5 flat shipping! What a deal!

Hop on over to iScarf2 and support these adorable girls and get a scarf for Mother’s Day while you’re at it!!